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Resources for the home educator:
Information on homeschooling and resources for teaching

Resources for homelearning:
educational materials, learning tools and learning opportunities

There are many learning resources available to homeschoolers: some for free — on the internet, at the library, in the community...; and some for purchase — curriculum materials such as textbooks, manipulatives, tutoring and courses, etc.

Home based education can be as expensive or inexpensive as you choose, depending on what resources you use. Choosing your homeschooling resources depends on more than finances, however. It's also a matter of your approach to home learning: structured academics, unschooling, or eclectic? To explore these questions further, visit our pages on homeschooling styles, learning styles, and teaching methods.

Services for testing, special needs and health



Online Learning Customized For Your Child
From the Education Source, June 2000 ~ Tips and suggestions for finding resources on the Web

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