A section just for you, OFTP Kids!

I have created a Music webpage where we can put information about this and other great music, so send me a message to tell me what music you like!

Help fill the OFTP Kids webpages!

Send me your favourite links, information about your favourite books, games, places to go, things to do...

Naim (pronounced Naeem) had a great idea: let's have a page for jokes! Okay, Naim — here it is:
OFTP Kids' Jokes for Kids.
Click on the link and see the joke Naim sent. Are you an OFTP Kid with a joke to share, too? Send it in!

Send me your writing and art, too -- stories, essays, poems, photos, drawings...

Speaking of which, here's a project for you: the OFTP Kids pages need their own versions of the OFTP logo, and you (the kids of OFTP members) are the ones who can create them!

Send me your drawing for the OFTP Kids logo!

Make a drawing that has the OFTP logo in it and we'll use it on the OFTP Kids webpages!

It needs to be a picture of 1, 2 or 3 kids (or toys for kids) and it needs to have the OFTP logo somewhere in it. What is a logo?

This is the OFTP logo:

Here are some ideas:

This project is open to kids whose families are members of OFTP (The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents).

Send your drawings to me at website@ (add ontariohomeschool.org to complete the email address).

Hey! You know where else you can send your art and writing?

The Home & School Times

"The Home & School Times is a newspaper by and for children and youth. Its original purpose was to showcase the works of our talented home schoolers and inform people of events in the area. Some children in the school system also wanted to participate and so we opened it up. We invite OFTP kids to submit stories, artwork, poetry, photographs and anything that can be printed. The newspaper can be delivered to your door. $25 covers our cost of printing and mailing 11 issues each year. It can also be found in libraries around Simcoe County and Oro Medonte."

Editors are OFTP members Andre (teen) and Nicky (pre-teen) and their mom Beverly.

PO Box 247, Moonstone ON L0K 1N0
hs-times@ (add sympatico.ca to complete the email address)

We hope to reprint some of the Home & School Times art and writing on the OFTP Kids pages.

Here are the pages we have so far:










If you're a homeschooled kid in Ontario, you can become an OFTP Kid too! Just ask your parents to join the Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents.

OFTP Teens, there is a separate section for you.